DIY Leash Station

February 16, 2017


One of my greatest skills in life is probably forgetting where I put my keys when I last entered the house. Now that I also have puppy leash to keep track of I needed to change that habit. When she’s gotta go, she’s gotta go. No more waiting on me to find the leash.  read more …


Countdown to Santa DIY

November 30, 2016


I love the idea of Advent Calendars, I just hate dishing out money for them.

I found one in particular at Joann Fabrics about a week ago that I just loved.  But I wasn’t about to spend $20 on a sheet of metal that I could have made myself. So I walked over to the scrap-booking paper and picked out some festive sheets because I was going to DIY this thing myself!

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#Playlist: Halloween Edition

October 31, 2016


If you plan on partying all through the night on Halloween

you better hope that the host plays a killer playlist! read more …

DIY Simple Halloween Wreath

October 20, 2016


Halloween is almost here and those who know me, know that Fall is my favorite season of all!

Pumpkins and Apple Cider and Candy Corn!

So of course I need some spooky decor around my place!
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#Playlist: Saturday Night Safety Dance

August 5, 2016


I was born a decade late. While growing up in the 90s was pretty awesome, the 80s has the best music.

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Vintage Suitcase Upcycle

July 12, 2016


When I started blogging I had visions of myself taking fabulous day trips everywhere.

Up and down the coastline of Florida.

In some tiny little hatchback that would just zip along.

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Pinwheel and Floral Wreath

May 10, 2016

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About four or five years ago I made my mom a wreath out of paper pinwheels, carried it on the airplane, and presented it to her.

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Current Obsessions May 2016


It’s been a while, and I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m currently obsessing over.

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#Playlist- I’ve Got Soul

May 5, 2016


My parents are so blessed to have a daughter with such good taste in music.

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Welcome Spring!

March 25, 2016


Spring is here!

Easter is this Sunday, and a small lizard has taken up residence under my couch.

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