#Playlist: Saturday Night Safety Dance

August 5, 2016


I was born a decade late. While growing up in the 90s was pretty awesome, the 80s has the best music.

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Vintage Suitcase Upcycle

July 12, 2016


When I started blogging I had visions of myself taking fabulous day trips everywhere.

Up and down the coastline of Florida.

In some tiny little hatchback that would just zip along.

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Pinwheel and Floral Wreath

May 10, 2016

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About four or five years ago I made my mom a wreath out of paper pinwheels, carried it on the airplane, and presented it to her.

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Current Obsessions May 2016


It’s been a while, and I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m currently obsessing over.

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#Playlist- I’ve Got Soul

May 5, 2016


My parents are so blessed to have a daughter with such good taste in music.

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Welcome Spring!

March 25, 2016


Spring is here!

Easter is this Sunday, and a small lizard has taken up residence under my couch.

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#Playlist: Christmas Edition

December 19, 2015


These are the songs I can’t go a single holiday season without listening to.

These are the songs that even in July I’m tempted to listen to.

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Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

December 13, 2015

Last Christmas came and went so quickly.

This year I’m making sure I don’t miss it.

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Something Wicked

October 25, 2015


It’s the final week before the night where Ghosts and Goblins and Elsas roam the night freely, causing mischief and take your candy.

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Birthday Beach Surprise

August 22, 2015


Chris celebrated a birthday last month!

To celebrate I took him on surprise beach trip!

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