Work, Work, Work. Play! pt 2

April 29, 2015


The moment I decided to get excited for the beach it’s like Mother Nature said

“No Kaitlyn, you can’t have any fun. “

The sky broke open and it rained all morning and drizzled into the afternoon.

I didn’t want to go play in wet sand.

I know that makes no sense. The ocean makes the sand wet, but I didn’t want to play in wet sand.

So we brainstormed and came up for a new plan for a fun day out.

We went to the store and got candy and then broke out the big purse.

That’s right,  we went to the movies!

We don’t go to the movies often so it was definitely a treat for us.

It didn’t take much for us to come to a joint decision.

Furious Seven. 

We’re both a fan of the franchise and we’re both fans of Jason Statham.

It was challenging to watch the movie and think of Statham as the villain.

It was a great action packed movie and the tribute to Paul Walker was very touching.

I’m not ashamed to say I cried.

After we left the theater we planned our next move.

I had a giftcard for Applebee’s in my purse so we went there and had a nice dinner out.

What started out as a crummy rainy day ended up being a fun dinner and a movie day.

But next time I want to go to the beach, I’ll just have to take Mother Nature by surprise!

What are some things you do when your fun plans have been changed because of the weather? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe to hear about new posts!  Thanks for reading!

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May 10, 2015 @ 5:21 pm

Sounds like you still had a great day!


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