My Current Obsessions 05/2015

May 11, 2015


It has been a nerdy past couple of months. Nerdier than usual that is.
This is what currently has me geeking.

I’m late to the game. Game of Thrones that is (that’s a bad joke, I know.)
Last August I started reading the books by George R.R. Martin. Two to three weeks ago Chris and I set out on a
journey to catch up in the series and we did just that. Four complete seasons and a couple of episodes into season five. Now I crave new episodes and the only way to satisfy that craving is to start all over again. I just completed season one for the second time.


Don’t judge my controller. It’s well used.

When I’m not worried about who is winning the game of thrones, I am playing the Little Big Planet series on my PS3. There is something oddly calming about this game. I play it to forget about whatever is currently stressing me out. Then when you’re playing you begin stressing about why Sackboy won’t jump and that stress just seems so silly. You just forget about why you were stressing to begin with.

And finally with the premier of Avengers Age of Ultron and pictures of the Suicide Squad circulating, I manage to sneak in a Marvel or DC movie/tv show from time to time. The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is my go to album to listen to when I’m in my creative zone. I just love how the Marvel Cinematic Universe all ties together, and on the DC side, there is always room for more Batman in my life.


What are some of the things that you currently can’t get enough of? Are they as nerdy as mine? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

May 14, 2015 @ 11:41 am

Cool post! My girlfriend & I really enjoy Flower and Shatter (and to a certain extent, fat princess). we’re also really enjoying Mario Galaxy. I have yet to find her something to enjoy on the 360 that isn’t from Viva Piñata haha.

    kaitlyn powell
    May 14, 2015 @ 7:46 pm

    Thanks for reading! I usually play Skyrim, Fallout, or Assassin’s Creed. However, Minecraft is the other game that I play that is just calming and creative.

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