Campground Living

May 21, 2015


So here is something you may not have known about me.

I live on a church campground.

We have our own little yellow cabin.
We walk to two separate buildings for the bathroom and the kitchen (which is fine unless it rains).
I saved a orphaned baby squirrel.
There’s a woodpecker and he’s terrifying.
There are frogs and ants and lizards and spiders.
I broke our first broom trying to kill a giant spider.
It’s quiet at night unless the raccoons start fighting.
I don’t know if you’ve heard raccoons fight, but that is also terrifying.
There are train tracks near by, so you hear them occasionally.

There’s a giant turtle that wanders the grounds that we’ve named Boy George.
For the most part it’s quiet and peaceful and the neighbors don’t bother us.


On days like today it’s nice to sit outside and write. I’ve got my headphones in, and nothing to distract me.
There’s a nice breeze rolling through and shade from the trees.
We’ve been here for about seven months and we will be moving on soon.
These past months have taught us how to be frugal and save money.
How to cook many delicious meals in a crockpot.
How to make the best of a situation that seemed awful to begin with.
(And on a lighter note, how long we would last in a Zombie apocalypse in this place)
We’re ready to start fresh in a new place and this campground has taught us how to do that.

Have you ever had a bad situation turn around and become a positive learning experience for you?

Let me know in the comments, and as always, thanks for reading!

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