Work, Work, Work. Play! pt 2

April 29, 2015


The moment I decided to get excited for the beach it’s like Mother Nature said

“No Kaitlyn, you can’t have any fun. “

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Work, Work, Work. Play!

April 27, 2015


Finding an apartment is work.

Going to work is actual work.

This blog is my other job.

And my other projects are my other, other jobs.

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April 8, 2015



Welcome to my new website!

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April Madness

I know it’s traditionally March madness, but it feels like April is already kicking my butt.

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Country Home Charming

My entire life my going to my Grandparents’ house has always been a destination vacation.  A lot of my friends had just gone down the street to see their family members, but not me. I had to travel North to Minnesota. Going to my Grandparents’ house was always a treat and all these years later it still is.

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Thinking Green

April 6, 2015

It’s now March, can you believe it? We’ve gone from the silvers and golds of ringing in the new year to the pinks and reds of celebrating love and now to the green of March.

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Tarpon Springs,FL

About a month ago now, my parents and my little brother were in Florida for a day and came to visit me. Of course we had to decide what to do and I suggested we travel to Tarpon Springs. It is  about an hour drive out from where I live. My mom asked me what they have there, and I responded with “I keep hearing about the sponges and the Greek food in Tarpon Springs.”

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My Favorite Dad Movies

My Dad celebrated a birthday this past Thursday and in celebration of him I’m going to share my top nerdy movies that I watched with him growing up.

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25 Random Things About Me

Last week I received an email from a friend that was 25 random things all about her. She prefaced the list by saying that she took days to get 25 facts. I looked at it and thought “how hard could it be?” read more …

TFIOS Review

My boyfriend doesn’t read often. So when he comes to me with a book to read I can’t say no. This was the case with The Fault in Our Stars.  We were still living in Pennsylvania and he went on a trip back to Florida to visit his family. When I retrieved him from the airport when he returned he looked at me and said “You need to read this book.” read more …